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At Asia Ghee Mills…

We put quality at the heart of everything.  Through regular and strict quality criteria that remains constant during all stages of production, we ensure un-matched quality.

At Asia Ghee Mills, we believe in…

Ethics – Strong business ethics where the trust and satisfaction of our customer is our top priority.

Taking care of our employees – Asia Ghee is a family where we believe in taking care of each and every member. It is this belief and practice that has led us to proudly say that our employees have been associated with us for over three generations.

Open door policy – We believe in having an open door policy. From a clerk to an executive, anyone can come in at any time to discuss their issues with us. We believe in catering to the needs of each and every member of the Asia Ghee family, as in part, we owe our success to their loyalty and hard work.

Serving the community – At Asia Ghee we believe in giving back to the community that enabled us to reach the pinnacle of success. We want to return the love they shower us with and take care of them in every possible way. Hence, for this purpose, we have:


Asia Ghee is a big, happy family where each and every member is connected with the thread of love, trust and compassion. Not only do we work side-by-side but also celebrate each other’s successes and support each other in times of need.

We also believe in nurturing a sustainable environment for all individuals involved so that they can grow and move ahead towards a better future.

1. Open Mess – Asia Ghee understands the value of a good meal and how much of a motivation it can bring.
Hence, every day, our cooks prepare delicious dishes in Asia Ghee products which everyone enjoys while in the company of their co-workers and friends.
2. Cleanliness – Cleanliness is close to Godliness. This is one principle we hold close to our hearts. We believe that working and operating in a clean and
healthy environment keeps us active and fresh. Hence, we take great pride in the fact that our entire plant including the production floors remain spic and span at all hours of the day.
3. Central Nursery –This is another one of our achievement we are proud of. Cared by highly trained local gardeners, Asia Ghee has its very own nursery which is capable of
supplying plants to the whole Majeed Group. Over the years, we have also won numerous flower shows which highlights our dedication towards the cause.
4. Education – It is our dream to see an educated Pakistan. Hence, we deem it our duty to help out local schools in every possible way.
From building out infrastructures to providing clean drinking water, we strive to help out in any way we can. We also have an education plan in place through which
we sponsor education of deserving students with limited resources. By the grace of God, we have managed to help many bright minds achieve their goals and continue to do so.
5. Asia Ghee Mill Football – We believe extracurricular activities to be a crucial part of one’s growth. Hence we have our very own football team which plays on local and national level.
6. Cholistan Jeep Rally – One of the main attractions of Bahawalpur that is alone responsible for attracting tourists from not only Pakistan but also abroad.
We are the proud sponsors of the event which introduces the world with a side of Bahawalpur many are not familiar with.
We are ISO9000 and ISO1400 compliant.

Keeping good values at the heart of our brand, we promise to bring you products that are of superior quality.

We promise to bring you products that you can afford. We promise to bring you products that will help you stay fit and healthy. But most importantly, we promise to bring you products that you can trust, with all your heart.